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March 28, 2005



That's not the X-02, that plane is tiny and weak comared to that monster of a plane. That's the Belkan "Falken" plane whitch can be unlocked by destroying 5 hangars hidden in the game, at the huge cost of $850,000 i managed to get all 4 of them. Also, if anyone would plan on getting the Falken, you must choose between the X-02 or Falken, you can only have 1 of these secret planes. I chose the Falken and i can kill the 8492nd and the belkan squad on the last mission "The Unsung War" in about 3 seconds, and the SOLG in about 2 seconds. Still, its dissapointing that they didnt use these images in game, still the best damn game i have ever played.

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